Hello, Work – Job Opportunities for Students

Do you wish to kick-off the next phase of your life, the independent adulthood, but you need some support and guidance with it? You wish to land that first, real job, but having no experience makes the job search difficult, confusing, stressful?

Stop imagining the bigger picture and start experiencing it! All you have to do is say hello to your first job and we will help you make the first steps towards turning your interests into a career.

What is Hello, Work?

Hello, Work is a program designed by Yardi Romania to welcome 25 new talents on their first, real job experience.

It is a program meant for students like yourself, who are eager to get a head start on their career by gaining real-life, hands-on work experience and learning skills that will prove invaluable during their job search, the early stages of their professional development, and beyond.

This 6-month program (November to April), will give you a glimpse of life in an office environment, plus the opportunity to learn new skills and procedures. It will help you discover your qualities and work on your weaknesses. But most of all, it will help you get a taste of a potential career path. All this while being mentored by our specialists. Plus, you will get to earn your first real pay that will cover your rent costs and that adventurous city break you’ve been dreaming about.

Did we already tell you the best part? No experience is required, but the willingness to learn! This temporary role can be your entryway to a desired position within Yardi Romania, but if you feel this isn’t what you’re looking for, feel free to press the exit button whenever you wish.

Let's Talk About You

Are you:

  • currently enrolled in a study program at an accredited university in Cluj-Napoca?*
  • able to master a 4 or 6-hour work schedule, afternoon/night or weekend shifts, while we offer our support for you to continue your studies?
  • good with English, both written and spoken?
  • ready to have your first real job experience?
  • curious and eager to learn?

Have you checked all criteria above? Let’s proceed then.

*This program is for students, only. If you are a working professional in search for a new job opportunity, please view our current vacancies.

Find Your Fit

You don’t need previous work experience to apply for our Hello, Work Program. Just know your strengths. Our advice: apply for a job that fits your personality and emphasizes your qualities. Find a role that matches your interests. Do you love to communicate, investigate or solve problems?

I Love to Communicate

Hello, Customer Care Representative

If you want to see how amazing it feels to help people find their dream apartment, get settled in and feel at home, you should consider swinging by our Customer Care Representatives. You’ll connect with our residents and prospects by submitting maintenance requests, by offering portal support, and by assisting prospective tenants with rental applications.

I Love to Solve Issues

Hello, Helpdesk Agent

If you have a natural curiosity for fixing things and a detective-like sense of understanding the big picture, come and meet our Helpdesk team. You’ll spend most of the day helping real estate brokers to build websites, manage all of their contacts with potential buyers and sellers, and market themselves through social media, email, and other platforms.

What’s in It for You?

This 6-month experience comes with the following perks and benefits:

  • Competitive salary and work contract;
  • Training in the following domains: soft skills, customer service skills, QA, technical troubleshooting;
  • 50% discount on public transportation and parking space rates;
  • Taxi vouchers for night shifts;
  • Private healthcare and life insurance (after 3 months).

Plus, we will help you gain valuable skills such as:

  • Communication skills;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work;
  • Ability to obtain and process information;
  • Technical knowledge on QA, website templates, web domains etc.

First Job Experience Insights

Mălina, Ionuț, Adriana and Felix already said hello to their first job at Yardi Romania. Here’s what they told us about their first work experience:

Are You Ready to Say: Hello, Work?

Good news, you don’t need a resume! Just click apply and fill out the application form, it only takes 5 minutes. The selection process is ongoing, so the sooner you apply, the better. The first step of the selection process is a telephone interview in English.

Application deadline closes on October 20, 2017. Work will start on November 1, 2017 (flexibility applies).