Corina Ştef – Real Estate Market Analyst by Day, DJ by Night

Music was part of her life ever since she was born, thanks to her father’s fondness for rhythm and cool vibes. Nowadays, Corina Ştef has her own passion – Piţipoance Ȋntunecate, an entertainment duo that makes anyone’s sorrows disappear. While she’s a party animal after sundown, Corina’s ties to reality are deep-rooted, as she works as a real estate market analyst in Yardi Romania’s Market Maintenance team in Cluj. Due to her experience, she is also in charge of training all new employees in her department. At work, she juggles with accurate data, but in a pub Corina shuffles through tunes with the same enthusiasm. We asked her to guide us in her colorful world and here’s what we got.

1. Who are Piţipoance Ȋntunecate? How and when did all start?
“Pitipoance Intunecate” is in fact a concept that includes everything that’s odd, bold, powerful and feminine about today’s society. It started off as a joke, mainly. Just imagine a handful of girls with dark humor hanging out, The Misfits banging loud in the speakers, when the idea of a goth Lady Gaga pops up and everyone at the table feel they can relate to that. It was easier than you can imagine, as we were somehow outcasts in a society that is prone to judgement, but ourselves in the alternative subculture. This was back in 2011, but luckily, the times have changed, and today, Pitipoance Intunecate is an entertainment power duo comprised of me and Maria Sicoie. She is a sculptor, I am more involved in music than she is, but on the other side, I am driven by mundane things.

2. What kind of music did you use to listen to as a child? How did that develop into what you’re mixing today?
I got my love for music from my dad, he is a music and party enthusiast, but it was in high school only that I got to truly understand what music is. Back then, I listened to a lot of Alternative Rock, then Metal, a little bit of Goth, Industrial. Always hanging with the cool crowd, you know? Then 12th grade happened and I found a whole new world – the dreamy tunes of Slowdive and the nostalgia of the 80s. This changed my perspective on how to understand music and that it must be shared. Coming to Cluj in 2009 was tough, but this city was filled with music, concerts, and events. I was in awe. I made my own discoveries and today I’m going with my controller wherever the playlist takes me – Synthpop, Dark Electronica, New Wave, Tech-House.

3. What’s the duo’s main project?
The core of our work is a party called Kiss the Boys and Make Them Die. It is an audio-video project that turned 5 years last month, so it’s quite popular. At first, it was an 80s memorabilia that wanted to gather our people under the same roof, dancing on heartfelt tunes. Today, the music is more contemporary, our gear has evolved, but the dance stayed the same!

4. Who helped you with branding and what does the logo stand for?
The creative flow has always been coordinated by Maria. She came up with the name, she made most of the posters for our events, as she has an excellent eye for detail and colors. I am working on the video part, putting together the visuals for the events or the promos. The logo was the only thing we didn’t work on. It was made by a friend, Paul Kiddiez (ex-Mushroom Story) and represents the wife of Cthulhu, who happens to be a burlesque dancer with great legs (like we would have been, if born under the monster sign, haha).

5. Who are your main fans? Who is your target audience?
We don’t have fans, we have friends and supporters. Both girls and boys, people coming to our events. The age range is 16 – 30+, but I want to think that everyone who clicked with us without putting too much thought into it – same music taste, love for art, or good dance moves!

6. How does your passion help you with your everyday work?
My passion has helped me create a constant daily flow – natural, spontaneous, and upbeat. As you can imagine, I work and get in touch with many people, different backgrounds, attitudes, styles, and at work, I am surrounded by an equally diverse and entertaining crew. Blending in has never been an issue, really, and today, I welcome new hires with a positive attitude. Moreover, music keeps my spirits high every time I plug my headphones in – it helps me concentrate and relax at the same time. As a music enthusiast, I dance my way through my schedule, responsibilities and challenges. Work keeps my feet on the ground, it’s a healthy combination.

7. Where do you usually mix? Where can people find you?
You can find us mixing in The Shelter, most of the times. You know, the place with the best alternative music downtown. Soon in a place near you. Stay tuned!

8. What’s the message behind the music you promote?
Have fun, dance your sadness away, show people that beauty comes in all colors and forms, and there is no shame in being superficial in a world where everyone has something deep to say. We would like everyone to take a moment and learn to truly be free and enjoy it. It’s all in your head, but you’d better put those hips to work, too!

9. Which were the most relevant events in the past years?
I’d say we had some pretty amazing milestones. The first party, back in January 2012 in Gazette. Then the first party in Gambrinus (former The Shelter) in 2013, where things got a massive toll. Another dear memory is the national tour we had in December 2013. A honorable mention is our Paris gig in April 2014, playing the aftershow for some dear friends and excellent bands. Nowadays, the greatest parties happen at our anniversaries – old friends and new people come together and make memories.

10. Do you have a long-term goal with “Pitipoance Intunecate”? Are there any future projects?
As a matter of fact, we do. We have a couple of interesting gigs coming up the second year of 2017, we might go on tour as well. Until then, hopefully a first gig in Bucharest. We plan on releasing a new party concept this year, and personally, I have my own pink project coming up. Just wait and see.