Daring to Change the Game: Andra, from Teaching to Marketing

As children we wish to become doctors, lawyers and all kinds of superheroes, then we dream of having that perfect career, for which we’ve been preparing most of our adult life. Reality kicks in and our plans don’t exactly turn out as expected. We find ourselves in a working environment that we’ve never even dreamed of having and we love it, it feels just right.

Andra, like most of us, had a dream when she was little. But with the years passing, she found the path that truly fulfills her. Andra first started her career at Yardi as an English teacher and later on, moved to our Marketing Department as a Marketing & Communications Specialist. She is now a Content Creator and her main task is to write about the American Real Estate Market.

What did you wish to become when you were growing up?

It’s really weird and funny thinking about it now, because I know I completely lack any sort of talent in this particular area, but when I was little I was dreaming of becoming a painter. Who needs money, right?

I haven’t given it up completely, I’m still going for all sorts of DIY projects that involve painting, often to disastrous results. The only positive outcome is that my friends and I at least get a good laugh from contemplating the results.

What did you study?

After finishing high-school, I came to Cluj to study Humanities. I wanted to be an English teacher. I also have a B.A. in International Relations and more recently I started a B.A. in Psychology, which I’ll hopefully finish next year.

Which field did you start your career in?

I started teaching in 2010, and in 2012 I got hired here, as the company’s English teacher.

Where are you now professionally speaking? Would you change anything about your career path so far?

Well, 5 years after I started here I decided to apply for a position in the Marketing department and I became a Communications Specialist, which was really great; I learned a lot about the American real estate market, but mostly about how this topic is covered in the American media. However, I really wanted to focus more on writing, so I decided to try on another hat, that of a copywriter.

I wouldn’t change anything about this path, I’m learning more and more with every new change I make. What I do want is to keep trying new things, new activities outside of work as well, just to keep boredom at arm’s length.

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