Ioana Neamt and The Colors  

For our first interview, we decided to talk to our colleague Ioana Neamt from the Publishing team. Ioana has been writing about the real estate market for almost two years now and she says that from working with freelancers to penning pieces for CPE and MHN and editing the stories that make up the daily newsletter, there is really no time to get bored.

But since work is only one part of her life, and since creativity cannot and should not be confined to the articles and blog posts she needs to cover, Ioana decided to give coloring a try. Coloring books, as you probably know by now, is the go-to activity not just for kids, but for grown-ups who want to relax and get lost in intricate patterns and elaborate designs. Well, it’s either that, or some of us never really grow up and grow out of our childhood habits and never let go of that state of freedom.

How did you start this? How did you discover coloring?

Well, it was a colleague of mine, Anca, who sort of started this whole craze that I think took over almost the entire team (there are only a few non-believers left, but we’re working hard to convince them to join our side). At first, I decided to use markers, and let’s just say that no one is ever going to lay eyes on those first few drawings. I moved to colored pencils pretty soon and now it’s all about nuances, shadows, color palettes, and tutorials on coloring techniques.

So this takes a lot of your free time. Do you have other hobbies or does coloring take all your time?

It could. But then one day I realized I sit down all day. The other things I enjoy doing, like reading and yoga, are either static or not as active as I would need after 8 hours of desk work. And with coloring, sometimes two, three, or even four hours pass before I realize I need a break—or some food, that’s how much I like it. So that’s why I decided to give running a try. It’s hard and it takes a lot of will power for me to actually get up, get out, and do it, but I really want to keep at it. I’m only at the beginning, so wish me luck!

Work still represents a large part of your day. What do you like best about your your job here, at Yardi?

My teammates. They just make coming to work great. We have our stories, our jokes, and a very similar sense of humor. Aside from this, I love writing. I would want to do this even if I didn’t work here. My dream would be writing for a publication like The New Yorker (big dreams, I know).

And now, the Big Ones. These are just quotes and statements at first sight, and you need to tell me where they take you. Ready? Shoot!  🙂

”Get yourself in trouble”

Hmm… I like this one. It means like getting out of your comfort zone, right? Yeah, this is really important. I am a creature of habit, cause habit creates some sort of comfort. But then comfort can also become boring, so it’s good to get in trouble once in a while.

”There is no creativity. Everything is a remix”

At first I wanted to disagree, but I think it’s true. We tend to think that creativity means originality, but I don’t think that’s what creativity is about. If we think it should come only from within, never from without, it turns into a burden, it’s a pressure rather than a joy.

”True friends stab you in the front”

I like people in general, and friends, who tell you honestly and openly if you did something wrong or you said something that made them feel bad. I like this sort of bluntness both in my professional life and the personal aspects; I prefer it to sulky silences. I think it wakes me up from a sort of inertia, where maybe I don’t even realize what I did or said was wrong or hurtful.

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