Noemi Biro: Dogs Taught Me How to Keep Cool

Studies have shown that owning a pet reduces stress, provides social support and companionship but also improves one’s communication skills. Noemi Biro can certainly confirm all these since she not only owns a dog, but she also trains and rescues abandoned animals. Working as a Yardi Romania Customer Service Representative, she knows how to make the most of what pets teach her everyday—responsibility, patience, and flexibility.

Communicating with residents and assisting with their requests or inquiries via phone or email is part of Noemi’s daily routine. She masters working in a changing environment as she masters training dogs. We’ve asked her to share more about how her hobby helps her at work.

Tell us more about what you do at Yardi as a Customer Service Representative.

In November it will be one year since I’ve started working with Yardi. I am saying “with” because I’ve always felt like we are all working together for a better cause—to help everyone who calls us seeking assistance. I have felt welcomed from the first second I stepped into our office and it has been like that every day since.

How did you get into dog training?

Dog training is not a professional hobby for me, it is pleasure. I got into dog training with the help of some friends who were saving animals every day. I was always in love with animals and I also like to teach, so it was natural for me to teach my dog all the tricks.

How often do you do it and what is it that you find most challenging about it? What have your furry friends taught you that you can apply at work?s

I do it as often as I have the possibility. The most challenging thing is to train my own dog, as I have to be clear-headed and calm, so that he takes me seriously. Working with my pet has helped me overcome different situations and this helps me at work, too. Pets taught me to keep my cool and this helps me on the hardest calls.

How involved are you in rescuing dogs? Are you part of an NGO that saves abandoned or injured animals?

I have been involved in saving dogs since I was 18. A friend of mine introduced me to all that was happening throughout our country with abandoned animals. Unfortunately, no one sees and cares enough. We started to rescue dogs and take them to dog hotels, together. I was most impressed when we found two puppies in the woods not far from Cluj. Eventually, we were able to find them both a home. Finding a suitable home for an animal is hard. Finding two puppies a family which loves them both the same is even harder.

Do you own a dog? If you do, tell us what you most love about it.

I do have a dog. I would say he owns me, rather than me owning him. He and my cat are my best friends and they always rely on me. My dog, Dave, is the best therapist. He has taught me how to stay calm in every situation and he is the strongest soul I know.

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