Searching for the Right Words in a Tech World with Bogdan and Raul

Blending the technical with the creative comes naturally to Bogdan Oltean and Raul Sideriaș, Marketing team leads at Yardi Romania. The stakes are high, as their work field is constantly changing at a fast pace. Knowing that their teams count on them seems overwhelming at times and being a team player is an essential trait, but they say the satisfaction they get at the end of a task is worth every minute of it. Read on to find out how their own passion for words and data turned into results and what drives their love for work.

Tell us a bit about how you and Yardi Romania crossed paths – when and how did you start working here?

Bogdan: I joined Yardi’s marketing team as an SEO engineer with PropertyShark 5 years ago, in January of 2013. I had worked before as an SEO for a digital agency with small to mid-sized websites, but none of them actually came close to the complexity and the ambitious goals I was presented with at Yardi. Switching from an agency set-up, where I was involved in several different projects at a time, to an in-house SEO position seemed like a natural transition for me: I got to work on a huge website with millions of visits each month and tackled some very challenging on-site optimization projects.

Raul: I joined Yardi approximately 6 years ago, as an SEO specialist. At the time, I was working as a software developer and was looking for a career change. Working as a developer wasn’t something that I liked doing on a daily basis, to be honest. I’d also tried graphic design and a bit of project management, so you could say that I was looking for the job to suit my own needs.

Digital marketing was something new at that time, and the fact that it combined the technical part with the creative seemed awesome to me. This was exactly what I wanted, to be able to have diversity and the freedom to try out different things. This idea of professional freedom and flexibility had been tinkering in my mind for a few years–I was doing a bit of freelance work now and then, but there weren’t many job opportunities in Cluj back then.

I guess it’s safe to say it was the perfect timing, and everything happened very fast. I remember being approached by someone from the HR department, telling me about the role and about Yardi as a company. We scheduled a technical test for the following day, the day after that we had an interview, and in 3 days’ time, I joined the company and the marketing team as an SEO specialist.

Describe your work style and what keeps you going.

Bogdan: We operate in a highly competitive field, with some formidable competitors. Each month, the Yardi websites we work on are helping tens of thousands of people find a house for sale or an apartment for rent in the US and Canada. Everyday challenges arise from operating in this very competitive environment, where every website wants to be number 1 in Google. From figuring out the best title for a story we publish on our blog to deciding which new pages we build on the site or what advertising channels we will use this year, this is what motivates me and keeps me going.

Raul: I believe that motivation is key to everything. Having diversity in my work, being able to benchmark as many things as possible and learn from everything and everyone around me keeps me motivated. It’s great if I can get it right from the first time, but it doesn’t matter that much. If I’m able to learn and see an improvement, then that gets me motivated.

What are the most satisfying aspects of your job?

Bogdan: I take great pride in the work we deliver as a team and especially the content marketing projects we work on. Success in the industry we operate in is dependent on our ability to optimize our real estate portals to beat the competition and earn qualified traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. This optimization process implies a mix of technical knowledge about how search engines work and a lot of creativity.

For content marketing projects you need to get creative and come up with stories that earn traffic and exposure for your brand. It’s why we work on compelling stories about the residential US market based on Yardi’s industry-leading data sets, which are then picked up by the US media (here’s a recent example). It’s very rewarding to see our work featured on TV and in major websites such as the Washington Post, Business Insider or Forbes.

Raul: I’m happy to say that I work in a field that is constantly changing and you constantly need to improve in order to succeed. What worked a year ago might not work today, and you need to constantly test things and innovate. This, in turn, creates opportunities and ideas, challenges and diversity, and that’s what keeps me motivated.

How well do your personal preferences go hand in hand with the professional environment?

Bogdan: I am a big fan of teamwork. The Cluj office alone employs tens of people in different teams for each Yardi division we market software development, cloud, marketing, design, customer support and so on. We have colleagues in other locations across the globe as well: the US, UK or India just to name a few. It’s very challenging, but in this workplace teamwork is more than just a nice-to-have description on the company’s Facebook page, it’s a key ingredient for success.

I’m also a big fan of smart people and smart ideas. At Yardi Romania, I’m working with some really bright people across all teams, towards very ambitious goals and that makes my job that much easier.

Raul: They work well together. I would love to have more hours in a day, but other than that, it’s all good.


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