Volunteering to Build a Home

This summer, Yardi Romania joined forces, for the second time, with the Acasă Association to help build a home for a family in need. Because we want to be part of the positive changes that happen within our community, 15 of our enthusiastic colleagues volunteered on Saturday, the 16th of June, to support the association’s efforts.

The day started off with a detailed presentation of the work that was supposed to be done. After that, the volunteers formed groups, each led by an experienced member of the association. They began by setting up the foundation for a new duplex in Jucu, Cluj County, stabilizing the ground and preparing concrete reinforcements. One group leveled the construction area, while the other helped with building the sustaining walls and the metal structures of the future house. They all had fun getting to know each other outside the office and working together as a team for a noble purpose.

Though the work itself was physically demanding, that didn’t stop Anca to step in and help with the building of the steel gabions (cages filled with rocks). “It goes without saying that helping others brings a great reward to the heart, and frankly, that’s all one needs”, she said.

Rebeca and Anisoara took this day as a learning experience and lent a hand by putting together the metal structures that will serve as columns in the soon-to-be-built house. When asked what motivated her to take part in this project, Rebeca said, “Other than the will to help, I was encouraged by the testimonials given by people involved in the project – they spoke with such joy about the community that I felt motivated to volunteer.”

When asked what was the most rewarding moment from that day, Ionut added: “At the end of the day when the beneficiaries of the house thanked us from all their heart, the emotions felt were priceless.”

The beneficiaries of this project, Varga Ferenc, Renáta and their 7-year-old daughter share a 9 m2 room within the grandparents’ small apartment in Cluj. They can’t afford to move to a place they can call home. Asociația Acasă selected them as beneficiaries of one of the 24 homes they are building for disadvantaged families as part of the Jucu Community Project.

Yardi Romania is proud to support Asociatia Acasă’s (formerly known as Habitat for Humanity Cluj) mission to build homes and bring stability and independence to less fortunate communities.

A huge thanks to our amazing colleagues, who rolled up their sleeves and helped a family in need: Rares Lupsan, Vlad Dohotaru, Alin Onofrei, Marius Rusu, Razvan Andresanu, Anca Gagiuc, Anisoara Bordei, Ionut Boha, Ioana Mitu, Adina Marcut, Andreea Hosu, Rebeca Ulrich, Raluca Pascovici, Cristian Suteu, Mihail Adam.

Photo credits: Asociatia Acasă

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