A Day in the Life of a Yardi Romania Photo Editor

They master Photoshop, they shuffle through images daily and they consider work a hobby. Alexandra Ionita, Roberta Isai, Andrei Stancu, Flavia Stoia, Alin Ungur, Patricia Todoran, Dorottya Toth, Corina Olosutean, Marian Jdanov, Mihaela Bogdan and Nicolae Sasu are all currently part of the Yardi Matrix Photo Editors team. Helped by their critical eye, knowledge, and training, they are in charge of making all photos uploaded on the Yardi Matrix website shine. Although this involves spending a lot of time sorting, evaluating and improving images received from photographers, they always seem to find a way to work on their editing skills as well. Yardi provides them with most of the necessary training so they can concentrate on making the most of their editing skills. Take a look at what being a photo editor at Yardi Romania actually means.

How they became Yardi photo editors

Roberta studied architecture in high school and photography during university. So she thought what better job than one that combines photography and architecture? Patricia and Dorottya saw this job as an opportunity to work with images and improve their editing skills while having a career in an international environment.

“I’ve always liked to work in Photoshop and I like photography. When I saw an empty spot for a photo editor I thought it was the perfect way to combine my two hobbies,” Alexandra remembered.

Daily Tasks

Flavia is one of the most excited photo editors of the team. “This job is like being an art critique or a curator. You receive photos from different photographers, you must select the best ones and make corrections on them. Of course, not all the photos are great, so here’s where our editing skills kick in. We transform a gloomy weather photo shot into a sunny day shot in an instant.”

“Our main task is to edit photos of real estate properties, starting from verifying if the photos match the correct property, sorting the photos and finishing with image enhancements such as removing cables, construction cones or brightening the sky. Besides photo editing, we also have additional projects like geocoding that implies researching the location of properties, both existing ones and those that will be constructed in the near future,” Roberta and Andrei say

Patricia and Dorottya detail their daily activity: “In post-production, we have to get the best out of the raw images by improving the brightness, contrast, perspective, white balance or remove unwanted elements, while keeping a natural and faithful view of the properties.”

Work atmosphere

As most team members are young, the atmosphere in the office is friendly. Their diverse personalities make each day different and sometimes entertaining. “Everybody is really welcoming and friendly, so adapting to the team was a really easy experience for anyone new,” Roberta and Andrei confess.

Yardi training

The company provides new employees with all the necessary training to help them easily adapt. “In the first days after being hired a training is held to make the process familiar,“ Dorottya and Patricia said. Moreover, Flavia appreciated the constructive feedback she received, as well as the clear guidelines that help her complete tasks. Alexandra realized that her editing speed improved following specific training.

Individual VS teamwork

Alexandra describes her job as ”teamwork with a lot of individual effort”. Actually, the job involves both because they always communicate when encountering problems. Individual work is required to meet project targets, but they always rely on each other to make important decisions.

How to deal with difficulties

Some of the most common issues Patricia and Dorottya came across are lighting conditions, under construction buildings, hard-to-remove elements, reconstructions or different additions required. Sometimes, Alexandra has difficulties with her scrubbing process, which is an additional task, her colleagues are always around if she needs help.

Why they love their job?

Andrei and Roberta advise anyone who likes to edit photos as a hobby to apply for a job at Yardi Romania. “It is a satisfying job and you will feel good in our team,” said Alexandra. Furthermore, Patricia and Dorottya can assure every photo-passionate that working at Yardi Romania means working side by side with “helpful, fun and friendly colleagues”. So, as Alin said, “Good luck, c’ya there!” In order to see what kind of photos you’ll be editing as a Yardi Romania photo editor, click here.