Andreea on taking challenges as growth opportunities

Four and a half years ago, and still in college, Andreea, couldn’t wait to start her career. She joined our Yardi Call Center team as a Customer Service Representative, where she found a stable and supportive environment that allowed her to both finish her studies and gain work experience. „I was able to attend my classes during the day, finish college and also work in a great environment. I really appreciate the fact that Yardi supports and understand the people who are trying to finish their studies. “, Andreea remembers fondly.

After graduating the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering here in Cluj, Andreea wanted to remain part of the Yardi Romania team and now works on the morning shift, handling big emergencies that our customers in the US might face over the night (given the time difference).

On a regular day, she gets to the office early in the morning, pours herself a cup of coffee and begins the workday, one call at a time. Most of her interactions are with tenants that use Yardi property management products. From offering support with billing and maintenance issues to helping someone in a real crisis, like comforting someone in need, or calling the authorities when our tenants are put in difficult situations. “I feel like work has purpose and meaning just because I`m able to help somebody in a crisis and this gives me satisfaction.”.

When asked what made her stay on board all these years, she simply said “I`m constantly learning new things in a challenging but fun environment while being surrounded by amazing people whom I became friends with for life. I got to know more about myself just by being part of something so special, a part of this team, who have always encouraged and mentored me to achieve full potential.”.

Andreea wanted to share a piece of advice for her future colleagues:

“It’s a great environment, and you will get to know amazing people while evolving professionally. “

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