Intern stories: How Bogdan, Dalma and Diana “slayed dragons” during their programming internship

Last year, Bogdan, Diana, and Dalma joined our teams as programming interns, alongside 17 other students eager to learn. The three of them opened up to us about their experience as Yardi Romania interns, what they’ve learned and how this opportunity has helped them start their careers. All of them are still working with us, in the same teams, changing the world of real estate software, one line of code at a time.

Bogdan applied for this internship after finding out about it at school. He is a Computer Science student at the Technical University of Cluj. One of our colleagues, who also works as a lab assistant there, held a presentation for them and that got him even more curious about this program. He also told us about his experience with the recruitment process, „A thing that I liked was the promptitude and organizational skills of those at Yardi. I followed a simple application process on (no CV required, +1 rep), after that I was called to take a test at their office. And from that moment on, the communication with the HR department went smoothly. I was called to take another test, and  then  an interview – every time they were very explicit and clear.”

Dalma and Diana had even more to share about their internship experience. They needed a summer practice period, so they took the opportunity and applied. After they got in, things took an interesting turn for them. „After the interview with the managers, I could already imagine myself working here. I love how accepting and open-minded people are here, and I didn’t know at that point but also how skilled they are.”, Dalma remembered.  Diana, on the other hand, felt that her work was valued and was part of the team from day one: „I like the fact that I get to work on real products, side by side with my teammates. There’s no hassle and your input is well appreciated.”

What did you do during the internship and what did you learn?

Diana: Our team works on the Point2Homes website. My main tasks include solving billing issues, searches, and general website optimization. At first, I worked on an internal app, just to get the hang of things and to learn more, and after a few weeks, I joined my colleagues on the team’s most significant project. The best thing about working with them is that I h the opportunity to ask many questions and I could always count on their support. I also had a say in things.

Bogdan: I joined the „Sharkbytes” team as an intern and started with two weeks of independent learning. Basically, I got familiarised with principles that I had to work with. After that, I began working with my team on real products, writing code which eventually got published live in production. At first, I had small tasks with little impact, but little by little I received more complex and diverse tasks, which I enjoyed a lot.

Dalma: In the first two weeks, I studied .NET through some tutorials my manager had given me. Once I felt comfortable enough with .NET, I got my first task working on a real project. I had to change a string’s length or to fix a typo somewhere on the page. It was not a big deal, and obviously not hard to do, the harder part was for me to find where exactly do I have to change things in the code. But whenever I had questions, or I got stuck, my colleagues jumped in and helped me. After a while, my code reached production, and it was amazing to see my work on a real, live website, even though it was the smallest possible change. In time I got bigger, more complex tasks.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

Dalma: I like working here because I still learn new things every single day, from people who know more than me or just know other things than me. I ask, and they help. If they ask, I advise. And believe me, that is a fantastic feeling when you are the one who knows or might know the answer or the solution to a problem. I still have a lot to learn and to grow, and there are opportunities for me here, and my manager cares about my growth.

Diana: My colleagues – without them, I wouldn’t feel like I belong here and for sure I wouldn’t have learned so many things. It’s nice that there’s always something new, one cannot get bored.

Bogdan: My favorite thing about working here is that our company doesn’t practice outsourcing, we work on our own products. This creates a stronger connection to the projects, you really care about them, and you feel like part of them. You don’t work on a product which will end up being sold. You work on a single product, you grow it, make it better and better every day. And I think this makes Yardi Romania a less stressful working environment.

Your advice for this year’s interns:

Bogdan: Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to work in a professional and enjoyable environment and meet experienced and awesome people from whom you have a lot of useful things to learn.

Dalma: Try to find your voice. I know speaking up is hard, or just expressing your opinion, but slay your dragons and do it anyways. In time, it is going to be easier, and it’s going to come naturally to you. Use your breaks wisely. What I mean is talk to people, socialize. You can learn so much from so many people here. So learn, grow, socialize, and don’t forget to enjoy your time here. You won’t regret it!

Diana: Ask as many questions as you can, but at the same time come up with some of the answers yourself. Be as curious as you can be and ask all the questions that may occur. And lastly, have fun!

Are you ready for a summer full of wonderful experiences and learning opportunities?