Working as Market Analysts at Yardi Romania

Real estate has much to do with huge databases, with each company having its own process of obtaining and curating information. Yardi Romania has a dedicated team working to grow and maintain an overwhelming amount of real estate data. Ana-Maria Costanciuc and Dana Dâmbean are two of the company’s real estate market analysts, guarding data for more than one year. We asked them to give us a glimpse of what it is like to work in the industry and here is what they had to say.

Tell us how did you get this job at Yardi Romania?

Dana: I applied on a job search website and here I am! I’ve graduated the Faculty of Biology and have a master’s degree in Environmental Economics. Beforehand, as one of the founders of an NGO, I’ve volunteered with different nonprofit organizations on several international events. I’ve also worked in sales and customer support.

Ana-Maria: I began my work experience by writing articles at home. It seemed like a great idea back then, thinking that I could create my own schedule. After a while, it turned against me as my free time became my work time. However, I don’t regret that year because I’ve learnt so many things from many different fields. Afterwards, following a few experiences in other domains, I felt ready to up my game and give it a shot in a big company; a friend suggested Yardi. Usually I choose places based on my intuition, and the same thing happened in this situation; that is how I’ve chosen Cluj-Napoca as my city, and that is how I knew Yardi would be the right place for me.

Is this job as you expected it to be? Was there something that surprised you?

Ana-Maria: I have to admit that I had mixed feelings at first. With so many people around, I thought we won’t be able to form any connections. I was surprised by the warm welcome and by how friendly everyone was. I can say that this job is exactly what I needed.

Dana: It’s more complex than I thought it was going to be.

Can you share your day-to-day tasks as a Real Estate Market Analyst?

Dana: As a work checker, I verify the accuracy of the property data gathered by our research team. Depending on the quality of the data, I might ask for additional changes.

Ana-Maria: I like to compare my job with that of Sherlock Holmes: it is something that makes me use my brain in order to solve a problem. At first it might seem repetitive, but in fact each PID (Property ID) is different in its own way. I use my “detective skills” to find owners and sellers, to read documents correctly and eventually to figure out how to put all these pieces of information together. Additionally, we have special days when we’re given the chance to work on something different. And did I mention DOMs Classroom? It is something innovative that allows us to learn and to grow even more.

What’s the best part of your job?

Dana: I get to find and analyze bits of information from different sources and make a story.

Ana-Maria: There are many great parts of this job. I get to spend time with amazing people, to learn from them and grow with them. I have the opportunity to learn things about the U.S. real estate industry as well as their culture. I also get to improve my problem-solving skills, to work on time management and to pay attention to tiny details that make the difference in obtaining a perfect PID. It is my belief that in this world details make the difference between something ordinary and something extraordinary; they are so small, and yet so powerful (just like me).

What are the challenges that you come across? How did you solve them?

Dana: Sometimes it’s hard to find the connections to make a fair assessment of the properties we work on. In those cases, brainstorming with other colleagues helps, or getting creative and trying other possibilities. It helped me see things from different perspectives and then find a solution.

Ana-Maria: The biggest challenge was to make phone calls in the U.S., but now it’s much easier. Besides this, every day brings new challenges. I have to find new ways to obtain the needed information and to manage my frustration when something doesn’t go according to the plans. I like to do my best so that at the end of the day, I can say that I’ve acquired more knowledge and grew wiser, which will help me get over tough scenarios, both in life and at work. Either way, we have a process lead who helps us get over the most difficult issues.

Is there something that happened during your job at Yardi that you particularly enjoyed?

Ana-Maria: There are many things I enjoy at Yardi, starting from the parties organized by the company (summer/end of year parties) and ending with small treats, such as that amazing ice cream day. We also have game/movie nights that allows us to spend time with co-workers and get to know each other better.

Dana: This year’s summer party was fun, there were a lot activities that we could engage in and I got the chance to get to know my colleagues better.

A Real Estate Market Analyst’s day

Ana-Maria: I believe a usual day from a market analyst’s life is quite beautiful and fulfilling. At least twice a week I go out and grab a cup of coffee with a friend before starting my shift. There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than going to work after you had such an amazing start. When I arrive at the office, I thank God that I am in a place where I feel good. After all, I spend more than half of the day here, and I don’t like to spend too much time on things that don’t make me happy.

Dana: It’s a fast-paced environment, you need to think quickly. You must find patterns and connections between what seems to be, at a first sight, random information.

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