Yo Han on taking his work above and beyond ordinary

A little over two years ago, with the help from one of his friends, Yo Han joined our “ship” as a Customer Service Representative. Enthusiastic and eager to learn, he found at Yardi Romania stability, challenge and a supportive team.

On a typical day, he arrives at work, pours himself a nice cup of tea and plans out the day. Although no day resembles the other, every client interaction is unique and requires his full attention, wits and a touch of creativity. He often takes his work above and beyond training materials and relies on his rationality and people-oriented traits to solve customer inquiries.

Much like his colleagues, Yo Han’s work is based on people interactions. Call by call, he finds solutions for Yardi’s tenants, clients, or leads, with a sharp mind and a warm smile.

When we asked what made him stay, Yo Han said “I don’t like simple and boring, I like challenges that make me think and solve problems, this is the one thing that I try to apply on every call, the thing that makes every call different. This, plus the great work conditions, are just some of the few things that make me want to stay here.”

Yo Han’s advice to you, future colleague:

“You will not find a better and more comfortable place to work, in Cluj. Life at Yardi Romania is so unique that even after traveling around the world and working in many countries I’ve never seen another place that is even close to Yardi Romania in terms of the perfect balance in between work and peace.”

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