Scholarship Program, 2018

Staying true to our commitment of rewarding students with exceptional academic achievements, for the 5th year in a row, Yardi Romania is offering 15 scholarships, each worth 1,000 EUR.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for a scholarship you must be enrolled full-time in a BA (2nd, 3rd, 4th year), MA or Ph.D. program at a state university with faculties in Cluj-Napoca. This program is dedicated to students who are enrolled at the following universities and faculties. For the time being, private universities do not qualify.

Babes – Bolyai University:

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
  • Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences
  • Faculty of Letters
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of European Studies

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca:

  • Faculty of Automation and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Selection Criteria

Scholarships are granted based on the following criteria:

  1. High academic achievements –  Your grades for the university year 2017 – 2018 as shown in your academic transcript and proof of your scholarly excellence.
  1. Contribution to the professional field – Extracurricular projects that you’ve worked on.

This program is open to students only (BA, MA, and Ph.D.). Working professionals, as well as Yardi Romania employees, are not eligible for a scholarship.

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill us in

Tell us about the achievements and projects that you are proud of by submitting the following documents, in Romanian or English, to

  • Your CV with a short description of your extracurricular projects;
  • Your academic transcript for the university year 2017 – 2018 (“Foaia Matricolă” or a digital copy of your grades);*
  • A recommendation letter from one of your professors.

*Not applicable for Ph.D. students.

Step 2: Let’s meet

Finalists will be invited to our headquarters in Cluj-Napoca to tell us more about their projects and passions.

Application deadline: November 30, 2018

The Scholarship

Successful candidates will be awarded a scholarship of 1,000 EUR in total. You will receive the scholarship in monthly batches, over a period of 6 months (January – June 2019).

This is a merit scholarship meant to encourage students to pursue their studies and contribute to the professional field they are passionate about. We do not ask our scholars to work at Yardi Romania in exchange for this scholarship.

Apply now by sending the before mentioned documents to until November 30, 2018.

Previous Scholars

Andrei Tulbure

BA: Automation and Applied Informatics 

With the help of the Yardi scholarship and an Erasmus funding, I was able to complete a summer internship at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen, Germany. I learned a lot about robotics and artificial intelligence working towards my goal of becoming a researcher.

Gabriela Costea

MA: Media Communications 

Yardi helped me achieve my educational and career goals by supporting my dream of becoming a visual developer. The scholarship funded my goal of creating VR content to help people who suffered from a stroke to recover as quickly as possible.


Cristian Achim

BA: Computer Science

My Yardi Romania scholarship was a big help for my future plans and visions, not only in my humanitarian actions but especially with my research projects, allowing me to attend conferences in the medical engineering field.

Adriana Potrache

MA: Advertising

This scholarship is one of my most important professional and personal achievements so far. It offered me the possibility to stay in Cluj and continue my studies, covering my monthly expenses. Moreover, I plan to allocate a part of it for Erasmus projects. Through this scholarship, Yardi showed me that hard work is recognized, and it eventually pays off.

Maria Mustatea

PhD: Communication Sciences

The Yardi scholarship has been the right thing in the right moment. It helped me upgrade my equipment for teaching, helping my students to better grasp the concepts. Also, it enriched my university scholarships and allowed me to enjoy more my work abroad.

Vasile Lup

BA: Computer Engineering

I wanted to study abroad for one semester, but the grant from home did not cover all the costs. Thanks to the Yardi Romania scholarship, I could go stress-free to University College Cork, that’s ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide. Yardi rewards hard-working people, so I encourage you all to apply!

Flavia Taran

PhD: Communication Sciences

The scholarship helped me finally tick off an Erasmus student exchange program from my bucket list. I studied in Mittweida, Germany for 3 months, focusing on my PhD thesis. I also attended my first international conference abroad, using the scholarship funds for fees and fares. It wasn’t all work and no play, I also did a bit of traveling here and there.

Virgil Litan

BA: Computer Science

The Yardi scholarship allowed me to pursue my career goals by providing me with the financial means to upgrade my electronics home lab with new tools and devices and thus, helped me develop my personal and work-related projects. I feel this has pushed me further on my personal development path and I want to thank them for taking the initiative each year to make a change for so many students.

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