Andreea Stoian – I don’t have an interesting life bla bla bla…

Andreea Stoian – ”My life is not interesting… I just talk a lot to confuse people and make them think I’m amazing.”

With enough energy and vitality to move not one, but maybe 2 or 3 mountains, Andreea tells me story after story about water rafting, rock climbing, and skydiving. Right now, inspired by one of our colleague’s participation in the half-marathon race, she is also training for Maraton Apuseni, the half-marathon challenge (update: she did it!). And apparently, the 55-kilometer trek to Rametea was the right step in this direction, because this Saturday she did just this: covered this distance to get her feet accustomed to the effort.

What is the best part of your job?

Well, I’ve been a QA for over 2 years now, but recently, around 6 months ago, I started working as a Professional Services Consultant. We’re helping our clients implement the Voyager 7S software and now I have the opportunity to travel a lot, go to clients’ sites. It feels way more rewarding to work directly with the people, help them understand how the software works and then seeing them implement it. Moreover, it takes the routine out of work. I love it. Well, except for the flying part… worrying about waking up on time is not my most favorite thing in the world.

I know that you have a lot of energy; you’re a very active person. And that you get to do a lot of stuff in your free time. Have you always loved sports or is it a more recent passion?

Oh, no, it’s not new. I’ve always been involved in some sort of activity. Some were done a bit more superficially, others went on for years. I did ballet, karate, judo, dancing, I played basketball, I really really liked athletics.. hmm, what else? I looove flying, but I never got my flying licence, I liked skydiving, would do that again, rafting and canoeing. I think that’s about it.

So if I were to ask you to describe your ideal job, what would that be?

Wow, my ideal job would involve a lot of traveling and doing crazy stuff. Actually, I thought about this. I would love to have my own show, on National Geographic maybe (I know how crazy this sounds, don’t worry), where I tackle some extreme adventures. I like extreme sports, sports that test your limits. I would also like to find out about different cultures, to see what they perceive as extreme. I mean, we are somewhat confined to our culture, to our experiences, to our ways of perceiving the world. I want to try out other people’s ideas of having fun, of extreme adventures. Somehow, this idea has stuck with me for a long time now. I hope I get to do it.

I have one quote for you and I just want your opinion on these words: ”My work is my life”.

False. That’s kinda all I have to say. I like what I do, but I have too much energy to just stop after 8 hours.

And now, for my final question, a „would you rather” choice: Would you rather mentally never age or physically never age?

Hmm, I don’t know how to say this without making it sound bad… I mean, I choose to age mentally, but not because I don’t want the other option. I want to learn from experiences, I don’t want my mind to stay the same. If you mean like diseases, of course I would like to avoid those, but I think that growing up, becoming more mature is vital. Growing old has disadvantages, but I’m not interested in being forever young if it means not learning anything and not growing.
This was our colleague Andreea, whom we thank for the ideas, and the enthusiasm. So the next time you have one whole weekend at your disposal and you don’t really want to wallow in bed watching movies, you know who to go to for some ”extreme” ideas.

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