Daring to Change the Game: Bianca, from Finance to Customer Care

As children we wish to become doctors, lawyers, superheroes, then we dream of having that perfect career, for which we’ve been preparing most of our adult life. Reality kicks in and our plans don’t exactly turn out as expected. We find ourselves in a working environment that we’ve never even dreamed of having and we love it, it feels just right.

Bianca, like most of us, had a dream job growing up and with the years passing along, she found a career that completed her fully. She works as a Soft Skill Trainer in our Yardi Call Center and her main task is to help her colleagues provide the best customer care possible. Let’s find out her story.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to become an actress, but I didn’t get into Drama school, so I did the next best thing for me, which is getting paid to talk to people.

What did you study?

I actually got a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking (Statistics Major), but I never got to put it to good use. No tears wasted there I would say.

Which field did you start your career in?

Right after I finished my studies, I took a job as a waitress in my sister-in-law’s restaurant in Bucharest. I guess there wasn’t that much of a demand for financial analysts on the market back then (#sarcasm). I would call this my novice period in the Customer Service field, plus I received heavy tips and wide smiles, free food, and coffee, what more could I have asked for?

Where are you now professionally speaking? Would you change anything about your career path so far?

Professionally speaking, I wouldn’t change anything from my career path, as my previous work helped me develop overall as an individual, not just hierarchically. I just turned 4 years within Yardi and I find myself most comfortable in my current position as a Soft Skill Trainer. Although, I know my colleagues might find this hard to believe, as I used to be a Team Leader up until some months ago, sometimes passion overrules reason.

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