Gotta Hire’Em All – A Day in the Life of an IT Recruiter

The life of a Pokémon trainer is a hectic and difficult one. He needs to always be alert, assess his roster, find new team members, keep track of possible new additions, and stay aware of what goes on in other gyms. I’m sorry, did I say Pokémon trainer? Because I clearly meant IT recruiter!
Radu is one such recruiter at Yardi Romania, but also a fan of the Pokémon Go game that has made such waves across the Internet recently. Throughout the process of looking for the most skilled developers to add to our team, he’s noticed that his work bears a few striking similarities to his hobby.
Let’s cycle through a few of the most interesting ones that he’s come across between the world of Pokémon and the IT recruitment process:

Good Developers are found AND trainedbogdan-mursa
Like any strong Pokémon in your arsenal, a good developer is an investment. Although many applicants pop up, not all of them carry the right amount of CP (aficionados will call it Combat Power, an IT recruiter would call it Computing Power). Once recruited, the new developer will have to be nurtured, there’s no abandoning him at a desk and just waiting for the magic to happen. Leveraging the right training to evolve your developers is key to having a strong, functional and fighting-ready team.

Building a Pokedex
Updating your LinkedIn and staying up-to-date with activity on the platform is basically the same as building up a comprehensive Pokedex. Knowing all the different types of developers and their “specialties” comes in handy whenever interviewing applicants or identifying the right candidate for a job. (We are in no way saying that .NET developers are water Pokémon and that Java devs eerily mimic fire Pokémon, but some of the stuff that came up during our research was undeniable).

Embrace Evolution
After investing resources and training in a developer/Pokémon, life takes its course, leading to evolution. It’s only natural that new challenges will be required. You’d normally take your Pokémon to a gym to fight others, but developers have their own way of flexing their muscles and showing off Flash(y) (pardon the pun!) abilities. IT Conferences provide great training and networking opportunities, and are great showcases for developer’s talents. Hackathons are also great opportunities to further training in a friendly, competitive environment.

There you have it: many of the requirements of IT recruitment overlap with Radu’s hobby. In fact, some of these skills contribute to him perfecting his overall process, finding the best suited people for the positions he’s looking to fill and, like a true Pokémon trainer, LEVELLING UP! Our gym is always open, feel free to stop by.


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