Madalina – World Traveler Turned Technical Account Manager

Since she was a child, Madalina knew that she couldn't settle for just one dream. She believed that there were more things to be discovered and so her journey began.

Madalina started her career in accounting, but after four years she decided to switch for something more exciting. She became a flight attendant and traveled around the world, but always kept her eyes wide open for the next thrill. After her globetrotter adventure ended; she found a new challenge within our Global Solutions team as Assistant Technical Account Manager.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

In all honesty, I don’t remember having specific career-related goals as a child. I did like to explore though, so I practiced different sports and traveled a lot with my parents (I have cool parents), and tried out everything that I could think.

What did you study?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences having specialized in Accounting at FSEGA in Cluj, and a master’s in Audit and Accounting Convergence.

Which field did you start your career in?

I had many jobs as a student, but my career started with a role in accounting. I worked four years as an internal auditor at Terapia Ranbaxy.

After many years of working as an auditor, I decided it’s time for a long break, and since my dad is not Steve Jobs, I became a flight attendant. I never considered this as a job, more like as an extended vacation during which I could do one of the things that I loved most – getting lost in the world, meeting new people every day, learning about other cultures.

Where are you now professionally speaking? Would you change anything about your career path so far?

Careerwise I never set a specific goal. I like to experience new things, push my limits and see where it goes. I love accounting, but it became a bit boring, so I moved onto audit. Working as a flight attendant was one of the best experiences of my life, and even though professionally it was a setback, on a personal level it helped me grow a lot.

When I found my way home, I felt like I needed a change, so I ended up at Yardi Romania, working as an Assistant Technical Account Manager. My friend Alice told me a lot about her job, and I loved how she described it. I’m part of the Helpdesk team where I provide support and troubleshooting for our clients, communicate with the users, run tasks in clients’ databases and prepare monthly/yearly overview reports.

I feel this role is a perfect combination for me. I get to use my accounting skills and also develop my technical skills. What follows, is a mystery.

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