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Property Managers are using Yardi’s Genesis 2 web-based software to save time and money, increase productivity, and make their customers and residents happier.
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Residential Property Management Software

Increase efficiency and improve service with built-in security, dashboards, analytics and reporting, best practice workflows, and a valuable correspondence package. Add products from the Yardi Genesis2 Suite™ to streamline marketing, leasing, screening, insurance, rent collection, and provide your residents with additional services.

Commercial Property Management Software

Manage retail, office, and industrial properties from a mobile platform that combines accounting tools with detailed reporting and automated functions, including CAM reconciliations and overage calculations. Drive your online marketing and offer tenants best-in-class services with optional smart additions from the Yardi Genesis2 Suite.

Condo and HOA Management Software

Track ownership and charges, calculate fees, collect payments, monitor maintenance, enforce bylaws, and more. Eliminate manual processing errors and increase your efficiency by automating workflows with one comprehensive system. Provide access to real-time financial information, document processing, and ownership details with integrated add-ons from the Yardi Genesis2 Suite.

Self Storage Management Software

Combine your operational and accounting data into one system that can be accessed anywhere. Yardi Genesis2 for Self Storage simplifies self-storage property management and accounting while offering integrated services from the Yardi Genesis2 Suite to enhance your business.

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