Energized for Good on Halloween

Fall came by quickly and along with it, the much loved and spooky holiday of Halloween. This year we decided to engage our colleagues in fun activities while also lending a helping hand to a local children’s charity.

At our headquarters, the day started off with loads of energy.  Several colleagues came to work all dressed up in the most creative Halloween costumes that automatically demanded to be photographed. A festive hype quickly took place all over our office. Some of the teams took initiative and organized a pumpkin carving workshop.  Then they laid them all over our kitchen areas to scare the evil spirits away.

Our Casterly Rock and Harrenhal meeting rooms were carefully spruced up with the spookiest Halloween decorations, to welcome our colleagues and to set in a festive atmosphere. The Face Painting Corner awaited everyone who desired to quickly draw up a funny mask.

Halloween Fundraiser

At 4:00 PM sharp, it was time for our fundraiser at The Office.  Books, films, jewelry, homemade sweets and goods where brought in by our colleagues to be sold. It was a fun and successful fair. The goodies quickly disappeared and our colleagues had a wonderful time taking part in this charitable action.

Improvisation Sessions

After everything was sold, our friends from #REACTOR, the independent theatre jumped in to keep the fun going with 20-30-minute-long playful improvisation sessions that were meant to improve our confidence, active listening and our group collaboration skills. The playful sessions stimulated our creativity and for a few short minutes helped us escape our current reality and allowed our imagination to flow freely. Everyone had a great time and really disconnected from the daily worries and stress.

The money gathered during the fundraiser will be used by the Fundația Română pentru Copii, Comunitate și Familia (FRCCF) organization to improve the current standards of the EveryChild Daycare Center and to encourage more and more disadvantaged children to attend the Daycare Center’s programs. Their main objective with this project is to offer a chance at a good education for children who come from underprivileged families.  Our donation will help FRCCF to buy a video projector, a projector screen and a ping pong table for the kids.

Pumpkin Carving and Mummy Contest

The fun also took place at our Yardi Call Center office, where our colleagues had some spook-tacular activities prepared to liven up the spirits on Halloween. They awarded the best Halloween costume, had a Pumpkin Carving Competition and a Mummy Contest where the fastest team to wrap a person in toilet paper won. The pumpkin carving competition allowed their imagination to flow freely and the end results looked extremely creative.

We wish to thank all of you who took a few minutes from your busy schedules to attend our competitions and events, and who donated for this charitable cause. You are amazing people!

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