Energized for Knowledge at Codecamp Cluj 2017

This fall, we attended one of the season’s much-anticipated IT conferences in Cluj: Codecamp. A conference that targets and brings together people from all IT disciplines, from enthusiastic students to senior developers. The one-day event consisted in a series of talks held simultaneously throughout the day.

Codecamp Romania encourages the exchange of ideas and information amongst IT professionals all around the country. We strongly believe in this type of knowledge sharing, peer to peer learning, personal and professional development. We had to be present.

Sustaining the idea of professional growth, our colleague Bogdan Mursa held a talk about Artificial Intelligence techniques used in developing software for the real estate market. He described to the curious audience, how Yardi Kumo, a web crawler, aggregates real estate information from thousands of websites, solving complex tasks that might be impossible for classical programming.

In the foyer, our bright blue booth welcomed tech enthusiasts, curious about the Google Earth VR experience that allowed them to travel anywhere in the world, to explore beautiful sites and local architecture. From the US to China and Japan, they had a lot of fun travelling the world in a few minutes. Anyone who decided to try the VR experience could sign up for the “Go Places” raffle to win a travel voucher that would “fly them”  anywhere they wanted.

We’ve asked our colleague Rebeca Cuciula, software developer at Yardi Romania, to share some insights about the whole event experience from a participant’s point of view, and here’s what she told us.

Rebeca, how was the conference? What did you like best about it?

The multitude of technologies displayed during the talks, for sure. I liked that fresh ideas and information that don’t come by in your day to day activities were presented.

Which were the most interesting talks and why?

The one about Blockchain Technology was really captivating. From the way, it was presented to the actual content. I am very curious about the whole concept of virtual coins and about their operating mechanism.

Another interesting talk was the “Scaling web apps to a billion hits a day”. It was fascinating to see how important is to develop a solid infrastructure for an app so that it can grow and allow clients to use it without any technical difficulties.

Did the Codecamp experience enrich your knowledge base?

Events like Codecamp are a great opportunity to meet extraordinary people who have a lot of things to say, especially regarding their field. So yes, I did learn a lot from their professional experiences.

Imagine you had to organize an event like Codecamp, what would you do differently?

I would suggest speakers to include more real-life examples, interesting facts on new tools or new developments from their field of expertise.


Codecamp was yet another great opportunity for us to get to know like-minded people, and learn from their experience.  Hope to see you all soon at Codecamp Cluj, the spring edition.

Photo credits: Codecamp Romania

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