Rewarding Academic Excellence

From our vantage point in the heart of Transylvania, we always get to meet with students from diverse backgrounds, with different interests and bold dreams. Watching them launch their career is both thrilling and rewarding for us as their colleagues and mentors, and for us as a company. However, we are fully aware that at Yardi Romania, we not only have the power but also the responsibility to positively impact future generations. We strongly believe that investing in education and nurturing a knowledge culture today, can impact tomorrow’s workforce and future developments.

Staying true to this, we are delighted to announce our growing investment in education. So far in 2017, we awarded 17,000 euros to students who strive both in the academic and professional fields, and who go the extra mile to launch initiatives that contribute to the growth of our local and global communities.

15 Scholarships

Starting this year, we added 12 more scholarships to our already existing Scholarship Program. We changed eligibility criteria so that the program was open to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s or PhD, technical or non-technical academic programs. We awarded a scholarship worth 1,000 euros to each one of the 15 students who made an impact through their talent, dedication, and hard work.

We asked a few of our scholars to tell us how did the Yardi Romania scholarship influenced their plans for the future, and here’s what they told us:

Ionuț-Eugen-Radu Sava

Radu has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and European Studies. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Relations at Tsinghua University 清华大学 in Beijing.

“The scholarship has unequivocally contributed to achieving an academic goal I have had. That is to study at a top 25 university in the world. I am deeply grateful to the team at Yardi Romania. This ideal of mine has not only become a reality in theory, but also in practice. Thank you for your appreciation and support. I encourage all those young people, who are motivated and willing to exceed their limits, to apply for this scholarship: 加油! = Jiayou! (Come On!)”

Adriana-Denisa Stejeran

She is studying for a master’s degree in Multicultural and Multilingual Communication at the Faculty of Letters. This summer, she represented Romania at the “Many Languages, One World” international essay contest hosted by ELS Educational Services and the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

“The Yardi Romania Scholarship represented a landmark in my career trajectory due to the quality of the selection process (the HR staff who believed in my potential) and the recognition of my academic and personal development. This scholarship provides students with the opportunity to stand out.”

Andrei Kovari

Passionate about robotics since he was in the 9th grade, Andrei is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science. In his free time he teaches electronics to children.

“This scholarship helped me make real progress with a couple of projects (and components for the next humanoid robot), equip my lab with a new oscilloscope and it provided the necessary funds for a custom 3D printer. I would like to say a big “Thanks, Yardi!”. Keep doing awesome things!”

Cosmin Rusu

He is studying Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in Cluj. A grade A student, who in his free time teaches programming to high school students and is part of the Kuende startup team.

“Yardi’s scholarship helped me focus more on schoolwork and my projects. It helped me cover food costs and rental payment, relieving me from daily life stress. This way I was able to invest more time in achieving what I want, be it developing a new skill, or working to grow my startup.”

Tiberiu Petru Trîmbițaș

He is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Also, he is a former Facebook intern and a current member of the LearnHouse project, where he teaches computer science to high school and secondary school students.

“Yardi’s scholarship program gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people with interests in various domains. Some of us scholars have started collaborating on different projects. It also allowed me to focus on long-term projects such as teaching students how to code or developing an educational platform without having to worry too much about income.”

Bianca Ioana Costin

She is studying Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Bianca is a grade A student, former Google intern, and active member of the LearnHouse project where she teaches computer science.

“Beginning last year I was involved in teaching and organizing activities for high school and secondary school students, with the focus of giving them the ability to pursue a career in computer science. This year some friends and I have started working on projects that oftentimes require some level of financing. Thus, at this stage the scholarship that I received from Yardi is very helpful.”

11 Academic Achievement Awards

In June, we recognized the achievements of 9 exceptional students who graduated top in their class at the following faculties and departments: Faculty of Letters (English-Romanian), Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration (Marketing; Business Information Systems), Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (Journalism English and Romanian; Advertising; PR), Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Scientific Sessions), Faculty of Automation and Computer Science (Computer Science). Add to this impressive list the 2 students of the “Tiberiu Popoviciu” High School of Computer Science who won silver and bronze medals at the national Mathematics and Computer Science Olympiads.

Faculty of Letters, English Department graduation ceremony.

“Tiberiu Popoviciu” High School of Computer Science graduation ceremony.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Marketing Department graduation ceremony.

Their grit is an example to us all. Stay Energized for Tomorrow!

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