Yardi Romania Teams Up with Habitat for Humanity

Yardi Romania joined forces with Habitat for Humanity last weekend to build homes and futures for those less fortunate. 16 enthusiastic volunteers stepped on a working site in Jucu de Sus, Cluj County, to lend a helping hand. Yardi Romania wanted to be part of the change we all wish to see in our communities, so Anamaria Bărduţ, Alexandra Păcurar, Iulia Nagy, Claudiu Terec, Oana Coman, Radu Neacşa, Georgiana Constantinescu, Anca Vlaicu, Roxana Poenar, Bogdan Burca, Cristina Costantea, Alex Gîrda, Nucu-Alin Costantea, Rareş Roca, Laura Călugăr and Vlad Oros got together last Saturday to support the non-profit’s efforts. So they built, dug, painted, fixed walls with spackling paste and… had fun all day long.

Since construction skills were not a prerequisite, Roxana took working on the site as a challenge. “I had no idea what to expect, so I expected everything. I’ve learned that it’s not easy to apply plaster to walls and that food tastes better when eaten with others. Also, time passes by faster when you’re surrounded by nice people. I would gladly do this again anytime,” she said.

The team was extremely organized from the beginning. Under the vigilant surveillance of professionals (Mr. Stolo and Ms. Geta), they first learned how things needed to be done and then did everything themselves. Rareş and Radu installed a door and Alex, Claudiu, Bogdan and Vlad dug a trench. Cristina, Iulia, Roxana, Anca, Oana, Georgiana and Nucu plastered walls and Alexandra, Laura and Anamaria smoothened and flatted out wall lumps and bumps.

“I received the necessary equipment, instructions, but also coffee, food and got to meet the future owner of the home we worked on. I was really happy I could help out,” said Alexandra.
Helping a mother and her daughter build a shelter of their own felt rewarding for everyone in the team. “It was amazing. I had the chance to meet my other colleagues and work with them. I also had the chance to help a family in need and this always makes me happy because helping those in need is not only a good thing, but it gets more and more satisfying each time you do it. I really loved it and hope to do it again,” said Rareş.

Getting to know colleagues better while working side by side was among the most appreciated perks of the day. “Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity gave me the opportunity to interact and know better some of my Yardi colleagues and to meet nice people who dedicate much of their time helping others. Working in a team is always fun and this experience turned a normal Saturday into a great day, spent with nice colleagues and interesting people,” Cristina said.

“I’ve been wanting to get involved in a project like this one for a really long time and I am happy I had the chance to do it now, together with my colleagues at Yardi Romania. We laughed, had fun, but also got things done. I learned how to make spackling paste and fix the walls with it. The work was very different compared to what I do every day at the office. Time passed by so fast. At the end of the day, I was convinced that I have to get more involved in volunteering. This is something that I want to do again,” Alexandra added.

The Stoia family lost their home a few years ago. Ms. Stoia is a single mother living on the minimum income with her daughter, Andrada. For the time being, they reside in their grandparents’ living room as they can’t afford to pay rent. Habitat for Humanity selected them as the beneficiaries of one of the 16 houses, part of the Jucu Community Project, they are building for disadvantaged families.

Yardi Romania is proud to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build homes and bring stability and independence into many families’ lives.

Photos credits: Habitat for Humanity Cluj

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