Yardi Romania’s Marketing Interns Conquer Challenges

The beginning of October marked the end of this year’s marketing internship at Yardi Romania. Three months ago, 8 interns joined the Marketing department, as they enthusiastically accepted the challenge and embarked on an exciting journey. While working on many projects and campaigns, they were given the chance to get familiarized with the daily tasks of Yardi Romania’s Marketing Writers, SEO Specialists and Paid Advertising Specialists.

Looking back on the last three months, I can say I’m happy that I was part of this amazing team. We worked and we learned, we enjoyed coffee, lunch and ping-pong breaks together. Now that our thrilling adventure is about to come to an end, we thought we’d share our thoughts about our internship experience here at Yardi Romania.

The Marketing Writer Interns

Iuliana Mîndru graduated from the Faculty of Letters and has a master’s degree in German Studies. She heard about the internship program from a friend, and decided to test her limits. “I didn’t know much about Yardi before the internship, so I didn’t know what to expect. But when I came here I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing work environment and the friendly people in our team. It was such a hands-on internship. We got to write various pieces for the Yardi blogs and even guest posts. We received guidance and feedback along the way.” One of the projects Iuliana feels most proud of is an article she wrote for RENTCafé: How Not to Lose Your Deposit–The Superhero Edition. Among the latest and the greatest, there is also her article covering the status of Canadian housing market after the US crash.

Levente Barabás has a master’s degree in Marketing and a lifelong passion for writing. For him, this internship opportunity was the best of both worlds. Levente describes his experience here as being “Awesome and challenging, without being stressful. I improved my writing skills big time, so I could say it exceeded my expectations.” Levente wrote a couple of articles, his favorites being an article on burger facts, for a SEO internship project, a guest post for ZooCasa  about the best city of opportunity in North America, and a yet to be published story about the changes in the renting landscape in 30 cities around the world.

I am Estera Răcătean and I graduated from the Faculty of Letters. I decided to apply after a friend of mine told me about this internship opportunity.  I have always had a thing for words and writing so I thought I’d give it a try, even though marketing was still a mystery to me. Looking back, I would describe this experience as being one of the best starting points I could have had as a fresh graduate. I learned a lot about copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), link building, PR, and marketing strategies. I worked on light guest posts like Step Up Your Roommate Game, but also on complex projects like How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent You in the 30 Most Magnetic Cities in the World?  The latter is a project I’m really happy about, recently covered by major publications like The New York Times, Forbes and CNBC.

The SEO Interns

Roman Petrușcă studies Computer Science and Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. “The Yardi internship was probably the best thing I could have done this summer”, he says. “I learned how to write a proper meta description, how to do a complete log analysis or a SEO audit.” Roman also created a website, The Burger Post,  and implemented a couple of SEO strategies to make it rank higher. “I can proudly say I managed to get The Burger Post on the first page of Google in a couple of weeks for both brand searches and queries like “best burger in Sibiu” or “best burger in Cluj”.

Iulia Stârcu graduated from the Faculty of Business and she applied for the internship after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. “I didn’t know what to expect at first, given the fact that I didn’t have any experience with SEO, but I learned so much in the last three months. Now I know how to set up a text editor, how to implement a variety of tracking options, how to design a sitemap.” Iulia also created her own website, Jappetite. “It was the biggest challenge for me, but it was all worth it in the end.” Iulia also prepared for the Google Analytics Exam and managed to pass with a score above 85%.

Adrian Clipota studies Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. A tech enthusiast and an early bird, Adrian has absolutely no regrets about spending his summer here. “It was simply awesome. This was my first experience as an employee, so I think I started my career in the perfect place. I tried to learn SEO from the internet, but after I came here I finally understood what it’s about. We were surrounded by SEO specialists who helped us figure things out.” One of his biggest professional achievements is the project Sangeorz Bai. “We had to create a website from a static HTML theme and we had to optimize it. The Tourist attractions in Sangeorz-Bai and surroundings page is the second result on Google on a specific query. I’m really proud of that!”

The PPC Interns

Bogdana Aioanei studied Advertising at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences. She saw the internship ad on Facebook and decided to give it a try.  “This internship exceeded my expectations. I learned about the US real estate market and I acquired valuable SEM (Search Engine Marketing) skills. It was an amazing opportunity to get some hands-on experience.” Bogdana worked on several PPC (Pay Per Click) projects, but she is particularly happy about one of them. “I was the sole person responsible for a property account. By optimizing a live account, I gained a lot of useful insights as I saw major improvements.”

George Manu has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Media Production. “I’ll remember this internship as being my stepping stone into the PPC world. I was given the opportunity to work with real accounts and manage campaigns for clients. Therefore, I learned how a campaign is structured and the reasons behind it, how to choose and analyze keywords, how to interpret the data and optimize campaigns, how to manage a budget etc.” His biggest achievement? George significantly improved the PPC account performance of a client named The Verandas Apartment Homes by lowering costs and increasing results.

Our Advice to You, Future Intern

Come hungry for knowledge. Be open to feedback. Absorb all the information you can get. Stay focused. Be patient with yourself. Still not perfect? Rinse and repeat!

Picture yourself as an intern at Yardi Romania? Head on over to our career page to explore opportunities and keep an eye out for when we announce our upcoming internship programs! 

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