Roxana on finding a fun, meaningful environment

Five years ago, Roxana joined our Yardi Call Centre team with a smile and big dreams. She found a supportive and diverse environment, with many things to learn every day.

What does she do on a regular day at work, you ask? Working in a Call Centre can be quite challenging, often tiring but definitely interesting. When she’s not taking calls, she is handling different cases, helping people with various property related issues such as billing and maintenance requests.

Being responsible for the client support that Yardi offers for its property management solutions all over the US, she gets to experience that relationship first-hand. When taking calls, she interacts with tenants and clients to offer them the best experience possible, address their needs and requests. Besides doing meaningful work as a Client Service Representative, Roxana is constantly growing her people skills with every client interaction she has.

When we asked what made her stay here all these years, Roxana’s answer was “The people. My colleagues are amazing people, open-minded, energetic, friendly and working among them is incredible.”

Here’s her advice to you, on why you should definitely jump to this ship:

“If you are thinking of applying, don’t wait any longer. You will find an incredible team that will soon become your family. This job will motivate you to smile more and will improve your customer care skills.”

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