Product Development

We’re proud to be one of the few IT companies in Cluj that develops its own products. With a final goal of creating quality products and valuable experiences for our users, our software developers, system administrators, QA and UIX specialists use a wide array of hi-tech tools, including Microsoft and Oracle technologies as well as open source technologies from the Unix environment.


Hitting sales, traffic and customer satisfaction targets. Delivering intuitive and valuable features, despite the complexity of our domains. Learning new things: technology, tools, design, anything that broadens our knowledge.


With 100+ members and counting, our marketing team is the ears and the voice of our products. The team oversees marketing for a portfolio of websites that attracts over 150,000,000 visits each year and traffic is growing fast.

Our team works across both B2C and B2B markets and covers all aspects of digital marketing from SEO, SEM, email marketing, remarketing, PR, conversion optimization, data analytics, content marketing, and link building.


Our world-class PR & Content Marketing teams generates over 5,000 media mentions every year in top publications such as the NY Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, CNBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, or the Huffington Post.

Client Support and Consultancy

A total of 14 skilled teams across 9 areas of focus – Presales, Consulting, Data Migration, Client Services, First Line Support, Data Aggregation, Technical Analysis, Custom Development, and QA – offer assistance to Yardi Voyager® International clients. Offering support on setup and configuration, training, issue analysis and resolution, providing custom solutions based on client requests, testing functionalities and preparing and delivering demos for prospects, our client support and consultancy teams set the high standard of service that make Yardi Voyager® a popular choice.


Our clients both inspire and challenge us to find the best possible solutions for their custom requirements.

Data Research / Market Intelligence

Our Yardi Matrix team finds and analyzes vast amounts of data used to create detailed and comprehensive property reports for our clients. These reports offer real-time market intelligence, allowing our clients to quickly identify market trends and make informed decisions.


Being Sherlock for a day – every day! Feeling like a billionaire during our phone calls to owners.

Data Analysis

We call ourselves data wizards because we really find the magic in data! Our teams collect & analyze various types of information in over 50.000 tables, turning them into must-have insights for real estate professionals in New York, and other major US markets. We ensure that the available data is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date & we create extensive reports and maps for PropertyShark and other Yardi products.


Where do we get our inspiration from? From our clients: real estate agents, investors, developers, insurance agents, property managers, home buyers, and many others. We’re happy to know that our work helps them make better decisions and savvy investments.

Customer Support

There are three Customer Support teams within Yardi Romania: RentCafe Connect, Property Shark, Point2. Being all experienced property management and leasing professionals, our call center agents offer support to prospects, residents, vendors, real estate professionals or client representatives  and provide them with detailed information regarding individual properties across the US real estate market, as well as offer resident services, portal, rent payment, utility billing support.


Acknowledging the fact that we answer hundreds of thousands of calls each month and offer great service standards for our clients.